Potatoes, peas & salad

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Well, it’s been an … interesting two weeks. Whereas this is my personal blog, I cannot really explain what has gone on, but I was put out of my comfort zone.

This, unfortunately, meant that I did not cook as much as I wanted. I had to persevere, though, or I couldn’t eat for a week! (Or I would spend money I did not have on quick food, while some yummy produce rotted in my fridge.)

I did, though, make a couple of dishes and am continuing to make dishes as the Valentine’s weekend comes closer.

It is all a balancing act for me, as I work nights, don’t get up until noon, and have about 3 hours to do all I need/want to do before I need to get ready for work. That means I rush to the gym, rush back, rush making food and rush around my apartment in a frazzled mess.

I haven’t had full access to my living room for about 12 days, so nighttime baking/cooking hasn’t been a choice. Plus, Batman has been sick (What, no!? When did Batman ever get sick?) and needs his wisdom teeth out. With fevers, infections and severe pain, I haven’t been able to do much but worry. He tries to go to bed “early” aka between 1 and 2 a.m., and I have no choice but to sit in bed since one of his superhero friends is crashing on the couch.

Anyways, on to the recipes and the reviews!! Get some more teases at Urban Vegan.

First, I made colcannon, an Irish dish. Batman is part Scottish (close enough? he’s gonna hurt me for that comment.) and I love, love, LOVE potatoes, even if they make me sick.

The dish was sooo good and last a long time. Though, my boyfriend’s friend thought it was potato salad. lol. I loved the little bites of bacon. We had a problem with cooking the potatoes, and I think there has to be an easier way to make mashed potatoes, which is the base of this dish. But maybe this is the traditional recipe to make them?

The next recipe I did was mushy peas. I LOVE peas, too.  It was super simple to make, and I ate it right up! I don’t know what else to say about it.

And the most recent dish I made was panzanella. Who would know that a simple salad would taste so good? The dressing was tasted just like from a restaurant, not my simple oil and balsamic that I usually use for salads. The croutons were an interesting touch, but I prefer to have something more baked.  I had been the only one eating it, as Batman likes when I put together his dishes (so high maintenance. lol) But he smelled my leftovers and wanted some madly! Delish, I would say, delish!!

took at work. Sorry for the blur.


Oh, more recipe reviews are to come. I am cooking up a storm again!


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