Needed a break for my sanity

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So I disappeared for awhile. Sorry about that! It’s just I couldn’t come up with anything new to blog about and everything I did felt … boring.

I lead a boring life. Yet it’s filled with so many things to do, including my best friend’s wedding this past weekend! I was her program-maker so I was busy for weeks planning and making these. Then the weekend finally came and went.

Bridal party by FERCH: high end photography

And here we are again, with a trashed apartment and a million projects and ideas floating in my head. Maybe I should right them all down, huh?

  • Herbal shampoo
  • Start a program making business
  • My Wonder Woman costume for Comic Con
  • Sell items around the house for money
  • Get my finances with Batman squared away
  • Cook/bake up a storm
  • Can before the fall comes

Yes, you heard me right. I am planning on moving Wonder Vegan to a new WordPress, as I have a very creative idea for posts that could possibly offend the ones I love. lol. I will still be Wonder Vegan, just in secret. I am sorry to those of my friends that won’t read my blog but if I gain popularity, you just might.

I am thinking I will multi-blog sometimes, if I blog over there on neutral topics, such as my above topics. BUT I am planning on changing the name of this blog, probably to something like “Bethany’s thoughts” or another lamer name.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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