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October 4, 2011 at 12:40 pm | Posted in VeganMoFo | 4 Comments
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I started the first day VeganMoFo traveling to visit my baby sister, who just started college. And where she is going, it’s in the middle of nowhere. I doubted any vegan fare, and I was mostly correct. So, because I always like to be prepared, I brought enough food to keep me happy.

I know this has nothing to do with my food per-say, but this is a constant struggle for me when traveling. I am embarrassed by my constant carrying of a cooler or plastic bags full of food, and eating at weird times or in weird places (like the few minutes before we all go out to eat and I get a salad for the rest of the day or in a vehicle quickly or when everyone goes to bed.)

I have a number of go-to foods when I travel, depending on the location and activities.

1. Hummus and chips, or something close to it. I love this because it’s protein packed and easy to transport.

2. Granola bars and the like. I am always experimenting with granola bars and their tastes/ability to be stuffed in my purse and still edible. I have been getting away from granola bars but I still buy them.

3. Frozen foods/packaged foods. In order to actually eat something to keep me going, I look for the easy cook, eat and throw-away items. I love Dr. McDougall soups, rice packs, Amy’s vegan mac and cheese and another Amy’s item, a hot pocket of sorts.

But what about when I have to/when we do go out to eat?

I personally keep it safe with a salad, if there’s not a veg-friendly restaurant in the area (or I can’t get anyone to go to.) One thing I did to change things up at the last wedding I was in, was to add a small baggie of chickpeas and nutritional yeast to the salad, which had been stored in my purse. Little snack baggies are very helpful in this situation.

If we stop at a gas station (SHEETZ!) I always look for something I can eat, such as nuts, chips, pretzels, etc.

Worst case scenario, I drag someone to Subway or Walmart to buy some food.

And something I love to do is once I get home, I treat myself to good, healthy food, and detox from the crazy eating schedule and the large amount of processed salt in my body.

What do you do about eating vegan when you travel???



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  1. I make seitan o’greatness, beefy style (it was on page 9 of the behemoth thread on the old PPK). It seems to keep for at least 24 hours at room temp. I look for vegan bagels and get little packets of mustard and I make open-face sandwiches!

    • Oh, vegan bagels! I always forget them. And I must try this seitan dish.

  2. Thanks for posting this. My husband and I just went vegan about 5 weeks ago and will be visiting his family out-of-state for Thanksgiving, so this is on my mind already! His hometown has some big grocery stores, but I think we are unlikely to find tofu, tempeh, or non-dairy milks and everyone else will be a meat-eater.

    We plan to take the train (or drive), so the trip will be 15-24 hours long. I plan to take shelf-stable tofu and non-dairy milks, spices and recipes and plan to hit up the grocery store when we arrive for cans of beans, rice, and vegetables. I’m kind of excited to get to eat healthy, but at the same time, I know it will be kind of an issue to deal with. I’m preparing for it though.

    • Yea, it definitely takes some trial-and-error and practice. I usually assess if there is a kitchen I can use or not, or even just a microwave. When I go to see family for the holidays, I just ask if I can place my food to heat it up after all the other food has been cooked, so not to get in the way.
      But when I go to NYC in a week and a half, there will be no refrigerator! But lucky for me, I will be in the Big Apple, with all it’s vegan offerings.

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