My love affair with New York City

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There is just something about New York City that excites me and makes me feel like home. I’m not sure what it is, but I LONG to live there. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, something great VEGAN to eat!

So, I went to New York for the NY Comic Con last weekend. Yup, I’m a geek. My boyfriend is an artist, the starving comic book kind, and we needed to go to this convention.

I gave one stipulation: vegan food. And lots of it.

The first night, after exhaustion gave out from walking about 12 blocks, we went to our favorite place, Blossom. I felt bad because I was wearing sneakers and a hoodie, but they served us anyway.

The pictures were too dark, so sorry I can’t share! I must say, dinner was alright. I think I need to stick to my favorites when I go there. We tried the Parsnip Cappelletti as an appetizer, but they aren’t the Cape Cod Cakes (love!)

For entrees, boyfriend had the special, which was breaded tofu or seitan, deep-fried and stuffed with cheese. He thought it was alright, but way too fried. I had Fettuccini in Porcini Cream, and I thought it was pretty good, though I shouldn’t have been eating so many carbs. I only ate half, and the boyfriend kindly gave the other half to a homeless man on the way back to my friend’s N.J. apartment. (We don’t give money, we get them or give them food, to prevent it being spent on booze.)

The next day I let my boyfriend mingle with the hot shots of the comic world while I went to Moo Shoes! I bought two pairs: these and these (can’t find the link on the website.)

I also got an awesome no fur pin, which is now on my coat.

Mint tea

At the suggestion of one of the workers, I walked a bit to Wild Ginger. I was starving and actually mega thirsty.

I got a sweetened mint tea, tofu skin wraps and cold green tea noodles. I ate the wraps and realized I was stuffed! That’s what happens when you barely eat for a few days, I guess. (Accidentally, I swear!) I took the noodles to go. The waiter/owner? was very nice, the restaurant had great ambiance. I definitely want to go there again!

Then I went to Babycakes, which was around the block but I ended up walking four blocks past it, right into a scary neighborhood! When I got back to the store, I got a chocolate mint cupcake and two frozen mint cookies. Love, love, love! It was great to have their desserts, though they are a bit pricy.

That night we skipped dinner and ate at my friend’s place with whatever we brought.

Then on Sunday, we just survived on what we had on hand before we went and met my friends at my FAVORITE place, Franchia. I LOVE this restaurant and we had an amazing time there the first time. This time was OK. The service wasn’t as good (but they were pretty busy) and the food was actually a bit cold! Otherwise, it was a good time.

Tofu skin wraps

I wish I could have went to Brooklyn for brunch and went to the suggested places I was offered, but time was short as I did actually spend time at the Con.

But I can’t wait to see you again, New York.


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