Life without my phone: Slipping

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Oops. I love technology too much, apparently.

Two Sundays ago, I went to hang out with some awesome women from Lancaster to discuss “World and Town” by Gish Jen. I needed my GPS to get me there, because I “forgot” to get directions. I realized I rely on that tech gadget to get me anywhere, whereas before I read and memorized directions from MapQuest (is that much better?)

Then, last Sunday, I decided, “aw, fuck it” because I had to work Sunday and it meant breaking my day when I went in at 5 p.m. I am glad I broke it, though, as I got an emergency call from my Mom. The family is now OK and being troopers, but I probably wouldn’t have heard the news until late Sunday if I hadn’t turn my phone on at about 2 p.m.

Was that God’s grace? Probably, as my dad survive blockages near his heart without having a heart attack.

That doesn’t mean I am giving up tech-free Sundays. I get so much more accomplished on these days, with last week completing a 55-page book in one sitting. I listen to classical music, which I love.

Tech-free Sundays might make my Mondays THAT much more hectic, but I am learning from this — to NOT make Mondays hectic and full of chores, to spread out my responsibilities throughout the week while squeezing in my massive triathlon training each day.

I also make lists now, because these responsibilities slip through the cracks on a regular basis.

Life isn’t without slip-ups but it’s all about recognizing your failing, indulging when needed and starting fresh the next time. On Monday I was depressed and pulled down from everything going on. I tried to go to the gym but got very distracted. What did I do? Vegged on the couch. But Tuesday, I picked myself back up and went for a run. It wasn’t the greatest run but I got out there and did it, with will power and confidence.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.”


When life chucks lemons at you

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Sometimes I think life is crazy, but I then realize I am making life crazy. This is easy to justify, because for some strange reason and as much as I hate a crazy life, a calm life isn’t always in my schedule.

But there are times when life actually chucks lemons at you, bruising you, instead of tossing them toward you.

Bills pile up, money doesn’t come in. Expectations are required, skills aren’t ready. The Grim Reaper peeks around the corner and you have to stare death in the face.

It shatters your world, shakes your soul. And even if it’s minor, even if things will be OK in a few days, it still … indescribable.

In these times, all I want is my pajamas, the TV and  food. This time food isn’t necessarily required (Life has to be extreme for me to actually turn away from food in a crisis.) I prefer to sit here, moping — trying to not think. Holding back tears until I can’t anymore.

Usually this is NOT the time for me to think of the brighter sides of life. I usually HATE when people try to pull the optimism out of me. JUST LEAVE ME TO BE MY SELF-LOATHING SELF!

But it is a time to be grateful. It is a time to thank God for what I have: that I worked late Friday so I wasn’t in the path of a serious (possibly fatal) crash near my apartment; that my Dad is a fighter; that I have a job, a boyfriend, a place to live, food to eat. And a family that loves me, REALLY loves me.

For now, I am just going to pick up the lemons and save them for a warmer day.

Life without my phone: part one

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I think I got off easy this week for the first Tech-free Sunday. My evening was planned to be filled with board games and new company, as Batman and I went over to his friend’s house. The guy is married, so now I have a new friend! Wee!

Basically, we went to church then I got home about noon. I decided to go around the house, organizing. I made the bed, put clothes away. I also tackled the bathroom, FINALLY! I have been dying to clean that for awhile but never got the motivation.

I then made a pie for the game night and made a very late lunch. I also listened to A Prairie Home Companion, which I love, and a bit of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! on NPR. *Nerd alert!*

Four hours flew by and when Batman got home, we wallowed in our agony (his a headache, mine a stomach ache) then yanked proper clothing on and made our way to said-friend’s house.

I did watch Madonna, but that was the only technology I used, except when Batman freaked out because his phone’s GPS was not working. I had to fix it, unfortunately, but that’s all I did!

We played some Elder game, Killer Bunnies (my new favorite!) and Colosseum.

There were moments when I wanted to text Batman when he was at work, and I thought about the long list I had to do online for Monday. But when Monday came, I didn’t want to plug in much, other than to fix up my old computer (from 2004), count my calories on MyFitnessPal and get an address from PaperbackSwap.

This next Sunday I have book club about an hour away. I actually am looking more forward to trying to go through a day when I have nothing planned, and things have been cleaned already and there isn’t laundry to do, so ALL I do is sit, read, eat and nap. I don’t know when the last time I napped!!

What did you do on your Tech-free Sunday?

Technology-free Sundays: Have I gone crazy?

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Trapped by Technology by Flickr user Cali4Beach

Have I gone a bit crazy? Maybe so. But after writing a blog post for work (which you can see here), I want to take the challenge. I want to be technology-free on Sundays.

With the job I have, being tech-free on a daily basis isn’t feasible. We are glued to our computers, blogging, writing, editing, posting … We depend on technology.

I have always been fascinated by the “off the grid” lifestyle. I have always wanted to go that way, even refusing to get a smartphone. That was until I gave in, and I am in a deeper hole now than I am before. Batman even yells at me for using my phone so much. Ek!

“But Batman, I have to save the world. Just one more click .. aww! Look at the kitties!”

So, in my household I am implementing this tech-free experiment. Sundays are a great day because major offices I need to call and bitch at are closed; it’s the Sabbath; it’s the first day of my weekend; Batman only works until 4 p.m.

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