Technology-free Sundays: Have I gone crazy?

February 2, 2012 at 12:42 am | Posted in Tech-free Sundays | 3 Comments
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Trapped by Technology by Flickr user Cali4Beach

Have I gone a bit crazy? Maybe so. But after writing a blog post for work (which you can see here), I want to take the challenge. I want to be technology-free on Sundays.

With the job I have, being tech-free on a daily basis isn’t feasible. We are glued to our computers, blogging, writing, editing, posting … We depend on technology.

I have always been fascinated by the “off the grid” lifestyle. I have always wanted to go that way, even refusing to get a smartphone. That was until I gave in, and I am in a deeper hole now than I am before. Batman even yells at me for using my phone so much. Ek!

“But Batman, I have to save the world. Just one more click .. aww! Look at the kitties!”

So, in my household I am implementing this tech-free experiment. Sundays are a great day because major offices I need to call and bitch at are closed; it’s the Sabbath; it’s the first day of my weekend; Batman only works until 4 p.m.

Here is my list of can’t use:

  • Cellphone (unless an emergency) I was considering turning it on when I go to bed to use as an alarm, but I think I will use a traditional alarm for both nights.
  • TV until after midnight (this is a maybe.)
  • Computer
  • iPod

Now, can use:

  • Car
  • Books
  • Cooking devices
  • Pen/paper
  • camera
  • radio (traditional, not the satellite type)
  • movie theater (if anything is even good)
  • TV if I go over to a friend’s place, i.e. SuperBowl

Now, this changes if I work on a Sunday, which happens from time to time. So I will do a partial day, up until I go to work. I might leave my phone off still, because you can still get at me via email/Facebook/Twitter/Gchat.

Will you join me? Say yes, please? It would be awesome to get together and TALK, play games, enjoy each other’s company.

If you want me to write you a letter (yes, a traditional letter), send your address to me via email, text message or, hey! call me! I will write you a nice letter on Sundays. I love writing, so why not?

P.S. Thank you, Jake Reilly.



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  1. I did a simmilar thing for a while: I didn’t used technology (for me it’s only the computer, because I don’t have an iPod, TV or iPhone) if it’s not 100% necessary. It’s amazing how much time you gain by such a simple rule.

    • Definitely! I love reading books but I found that I filled my time sitting in front of the TV or surfing on Facebook. When I cut it out, I got back to reading and writing (on actual paper.)

  2. […] trail a lot. I didn’t get stuck at the bottom of the hill near our apartment. I also tried to give up technology on Sundays. That eventually […]

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