Life without my phone: part one

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I think I got off easy this week for the first Tech-free Sunday. My evening was planned to be filled with board games and new company, as Batman and I went over to his friend’s house. The guy is married, so now I have a new friend! Wee!

Basically, we went to church then I got home about noon. I decided to go around the house, organizing. I made the bed, put clothes away. I also tackled the bathroom, FINALLY! I have been dying to clean that for awhile but never got the motivation.

I then made a pie for the game night and made a very late lunch. I also listened to A Prairie Home Companion, which I love, and a bit of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! on NPR. *Nerd alert!*

Four hours flew by and when Batman got home, we wallowed in our agony (his a headache, mine a stomach ache) then yanked proper clothing on and made our way to said-friend’s house.

I did watch Madonna, but that was the only technology I used, except when Batman freaked out because his phone’s GPS was not working. I had to fix it, unfortunately, but that’s all I did!

We played some Elder game, Killer Bunnies (my new favorite!) and Colosseum.

There were moments when I wanted to text Batman when he was at work, and I thought about the long list I had to do online for Monday. But when Monday came, I didn’t want to plug in much, other than to fix up my old computer (from 2004), count my calories on MyFitnessPal and get an address from PaperbackSwap.

This next Sunday I have book club about an hour away. I actually am looking more forward to trying to go through a day when I have nothing planned, and things have been cleaned already and there isn’t laundry to do, so ALL I do is sit, read, eat and nap. I don’t know when the last time I napped!!

What did you do on your Tech-free Sunday?


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