The crazy idea post, week 1

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stock.xchng photo by brokenarts

I get attached. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, a place, a thing or an idea. I have issues with attaching myself FEROCIOUSLY to it.

I noticed in the past two years I have had a crap ton of crazy ideas. (yes, crap ton.) Just ask Batman, I have been driving him CRAZY.

Now, it might not be as cool as shark repellent but I still have them. Some work, some don’t. I want to do a yard sale, live minimally, get a bike, use said bike more often than my car, get married, buy a house, start a business. This is all to name just a few, the very few I can remember.

I think I might make a weekly or monthly post of my crazy ideas. I guess it all depends on how they come to me.

This week’s edition: Buying a house.

I almost did it, or went through with the process really. On Wednesday, I saw a house in the downtown area where I live in Pennsylvania. Batman and I wanted to move downtown but rent can be pricy. Why rent when we can pay the same amount and OWN a home? This was my thought.

We saw a place we liked and I innocently enough looked up the price. I have done this before, but most of the homes were 6 figures. And the crappy homes that are super cheap? So dead that it would take forever to fix them. I never really got excited — until I saw this one.

We had a showing set and was getting the paperwork together. But then I freaked out. And opened up old wounds about his money, his commitment, his responsibility, how it is affecting our relationship, etc.

So, we cancelled the showing. Got up normal time today to go to the gym. In a matter of 24 hours, we went from potential homeowners to continuous renters.

It was nothing like these homes in Washington, D.C., but yes, a rowhouse. Photo by Library of Congress

Could I buy a home right now? Probably, especially if I got a little help from Batman (he isn’t as rich as you might think.) Would it be AWESOME SAUCE!? yes. Are we emotionally prepared for it? Not right now. The income NEEDS to increase. We need to make a commitment to the area (well, he does.) We have to see if it works HERE, because otherwise it is goodbye to this town.

He has me convinced about a hobbit home, too. Until I research land in this area. Then he told me to hold my horses.

I guess I have home-ownership on the brain.

That’s all I have for crazy ideas this week. Let’s see what I brew up next week.


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