Confession: I am a junk food vegan

October 2, 2012 at 12:59 pm | Posted in VeganMoFo | 5 Comments
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I will come out and say it: I am a junk food vegan. I love it. I work for a CSA, I have gained weight and I need to eat better.

BUT when I am down or need something yummy to soothe my soul, I reach for a small bottle of ginger ale, a bag or chips or french fries and some pasta DRENCHED in nooch (also known as nutritional yeast.)

I also am a carb-aholic. Pizza, pasta, bread, fries … OH MY! And yum yum!

But this all is bad for my (high) cholesterol, my recent weight gain and my self esteem. I usually gain weight in the winter as I retreat with my seasonal affective disorder (undiagnosed but totally there), my cold hands wrapped around a nice, warm, big bowl of rigatoni and Earth Balance.

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For some reason this summer, I got out of control. I just got sick of counting calories. Then it was training for races and I let my diet get out of control, because I did burn off those calories, right? I lost 8 pounds, and gained them right back.

And now, with so many things to do at my new apartment,  and I am still not used to my new schedule, I haven’t been to the gym. In about more than a month. I also go to bed at 10 p.m. anymore, so I only have four hours after work to get anything done. Again, cleaning, cooking, baking, unpacking …

I wish I could be that vegan who eats veggies for every meal and not a bit of carb and be satisfied. But I can’t be. My IBS hates it, too.

Do you have any tips on fixing my junk food vegan diet?



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  1. Ah… This all sounds really familiar. I fall into being a junk food vegan quite easily too.

    For me, meal planning– knowing what I’ll eat ahead of time– is key. It’s so hard to do that when you’re dealing with SAD or any other type of fugue.

  2. For me, having veggies cut up for snacks helps me curb my chip cravings. If there’s carrot sticks and hummus in the fridge, I’m a happy girl.

  3. you don’t need to just eat veggies and no carbs, that’s no fun! You can still have everything you love, just less of it, with more salads and roasted veg and what not added to bulk up the meal 🙂

  4. Try to fill up on veggies first. Raw veggies especially. Cuts the urge for other not so good foods. Consider doing a week or two of a raw cleanse to reboot the system and curb addictions.

  5. Eat more fruit! 🙂

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