Apple-pear butter fail

October 23, 2012 at 4:00 pm | Posted in VeganMoFo | 2 Comments
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See the char? Yummyy …

When I decided to do Vegan MoFo 2012, I looked all over Pinterest for some recipe ideas. It’s not like I am in need of recipes — I have more than 20 cookbooks, an inbox full of emails, bookmarks on my computer and now Pinterest.

I still compiled a list and tried to hack away at it. I really enjoyed the idea of making apple-pear butter. We had just finished off our peanut butter (except the spicy one that Batman is hoarding away for a rainy day) and I figured this easy, peasy recipe would go great with my strawberry jam I made in June. Organic, local and made in my kitchen to last through the winter? YES, PLEASE!

I bought my apples and pears from a friend’s stand in Central Market. I chopped, placed in the crockpot and let it go to cook. I stirred occasionally, made sure it wasn’t burning and kept going.

On day 2, it looked a little … dark. I was nervous. But the blog author did hers for three days, so I thought mine could handle three days. I made the mistake of not pureeing the fruit after the second day, which I didn’t realize until the third day.

And then, on the third day, I came home. Batman was convinced he smelled something burnt. He blamed the apple-pear butter. I said, “no, nooo.” I then stirred it and made Batman taste it. He said it tasted charred. I wasn’t convinced because he has such sensitive taste.

I tasted it. And then there was a charred aftertaste.

I had to throw the whole batch out. $12 worth of fruit, three days of not much labor.

I decided not to try it again. It still sounds yummy. I still wish to try it again. But I know better.

It needs some attention every day. I am at work every day.

Let’s just place that in the fail pile and walk away.



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  1. It’s sad when that happens :(. I’ve never head of cooking something for three days- go you for the attempt!

  2. […] but came back for Vegan MoFo. That didn’t go as successfully as I would have hoped. Plus, I burnt apple butter. We moved into a new apartment, and realized it wasn’t the best decision we ever made; it was […]

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