Daily Prompt: A letter to 14-year-old me

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Not quite 14 years old here, left at 10 o’clock.

Dear Bethany,

Your newly teen self is oblivious. High school is upon you; you made the cheerleading squad. You don’t know why some of your friends are upset by this. High school is definitely a bigger world for you, coming out of Catholic school and a class size of 19. But you are still the kind person, right?

Stay that way. Despite the pettiness that will surround you in life, keeping your kindness will not only bring peace to your life but maybe to the world. It will save you a lot of tears and worry. “Why don’t they like me?” you will say or think a lot, but if I could save you from much more of that now, I will.

Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t be so boy crazy; it will only get worse. You will give your heart away too many times to count, but hopefully this last time will be in it for the long haul. You have found someone that really knows you better than you know yourself. Sometimes you might not like his snoring, his farting, his chronic forgetfulness and how messy he can be, but he puts up with your yelling and the times you snore/fart/forget/be messy.

He will teach you patience no matter how much you hate that.

Life doesn’t get any easier as you get older. Freedom comes with a price. You might be “too sensitive” as your parents say, but in time, you will level out. You will be a little more worldly, a little more wiser, but still very privileged. And knowing that, you will be even more thankful.

That dream wedding? Probably not going to happen. It costs too much.

House and kids before 30? Good luck.

But that’s not all life has to offer. There is a big world out there, and you have explored some of it.

You also are participating in the evolution of journalism, so get excited. Study your heart out, and keep writing.

And don’t forget that fate is on your side.


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