New Year’s resolutions already a bust?

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Flickr photo by Jason Ralston

Flickr photo by Jason Ralston

I am the queen of too many to-dos, too many tasks, too many resolutions.

Here are some that I came up with BEFORE getting engaged: do an indoor triathlon in February; do a half-marathon in April; do the outdoor triathlon in June; lose 30 pounds; do a daily blog post from Joyce Meyer’s “The Confident Woman”; bring back 50 States, 50 Vegan Dishes; read 25 or more books; work part-time in addition to full-time; help Batman with his art endeavor; plan additional fitness goals; making a T-shirt quilt; MOVE again; RELAX more (yea, how with this list?)

Then I got engaged. I now have to plan a huge wedding production (bridal shower, bachlorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and then the day after.) I also need to plan for a MARRIAGE. And this all has made me want to nest, so I am determined to become a domestic goddess.

Also, biking to work again starting when it gets nice.

Help …. please, help.

Ok, so let’s break it down:

Fitness: I am still doing the three races; still trying to lose 30 pounds (mini goals of 4 pounds a month). That is all I can muster for now, aside from going to the gym six days a week.

Blog: YES to the daily Joyce Meyer posts. I will start up 50 dishes, but it will only be about once a month, twice if I am lucky. I might do monthly recaps, too.

Hobbies, etc: Part-time work is a yes for now, but it will be from home and on weekends. I am going to dedicate some time in the morning or midday for this. The T-shirt quilt is a YES. I want that done. As far as Batman, because it is the winter, I am letting him go and do what he pleases as far as this is concerned. We can regroup sometime in April.

Wedding books will be included in my 25 books to read, as are books on CD (I am listening to Nicholas Sparks’ “The Wedding” right now.) And as far as the wedding? I am trying not to freak out. I am dedicating next weekend to working on it, with my sister. I need to not stress and realize we have a lot of time to do this.

So, my other goals take precedent. And I am OK with that.

Domestic goddess? Not so much, but I keep trying.


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