The Confident Woman: Day 5

January 5, 2013 at 10:00 am | Posted in The Confident Woman | Leave a comment
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The Confident Woman DevotionalToday, Joyce is talking about cracked pots. No, not people who do drugs or are crazy, but each of us who are imperfect.

If you think you are perfect, then, honey, you need some help.

Except for this truth, I can’t really get what Joyce is saying today. She uses 2 Corinthians 4:7 as her reference, where it says we possess precious treasure, and that power should be shown to be from God and not ourselves.

Well, mostly I agree with this. God guides me, helps me. He is the all-powerful entity who has given me a chance on this earth.

But Joyce says her friends praise God instead of her because she is imperfect. She then jumps and says “God chooses the weak and foolish things on purpose ..” So we are weak and foolish?

Then later, after using the cracked pot metaphor, she says it is godly to love yourself in a healthy way, but ungodly to reject and despise yourself.

But, as imperfect beings, we will reject and despise ourselves. And wait, weren’t we foolish above, anyway? Especially since it sounds like everything we do (that is good) is not us, but really God?

I think the point here is, when we do something good, great and magnificent, we should be praised AND God. We are here on this earth will free will, to take the opportunities God gives us or not. So we should be praised for that. Plus, God doesn’t hand us things on a silver plate; we work for them.

So long as we thank God, whether publicly or privately, I think the Big Guy knows we appreciate it.


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