The Confident Woman: Day 15, 16 and 17

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The Confident Woman DevotionalAgain, I am behind. Life has still taken over, but I think the stress in my life is pushing me deeper down the hole of depression. I get distant from things I love or commitments (except for work) when I am depressed. So, here I am, slacking off from writing my blog.

Day 15: 1 John 1:9 Give God everything

Day 16: Exodus 20:17 Start enjoying you

Day 17: Proverbs 3:25-26 Confronting fear

Day 15 talks about finding our faults and not being afraid to admit them to God and others. It is hard for us to tell others our faults, especially if we want a job. But confessing our sins is a tenant of the Catholic faith and the ability to let go and let God. Joyce says to tell God your sins and you will feel better. This is why I love confession and the sacrament of it, even when it is hard for me to go.

Day 16: “I encourage you to be content with you you are.” This is what Joyce says in this day’s reading. She speaks about looking to others for examples, but to never go so far as to covet who they are or what they have. She says uniqueness is not a bad thing, and by loving ourselves, we will find more confidence.

Day 17: After a beautiful story, Joyce writes, “If you follow God’s plan for conquering fear, you will find one day that all the things that frightened you the most were really nothing at all.” Fear is not a big scary monster, it just roars like one. But we can defeat it and become more confident.


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