50 States, 50 Vegan Dishes: Maine ginger blueberry pie

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Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

Strawberry season has filtered out, and now it is time for blueberries!

It also is time for Wonder Vegan to go on a diet, and so that meant it was a baking bonanza at my apartment.

One of these items was blueberry pie.

I didn’t think blueberry pie was a Maine thing; I figured seafood would be a bigger contender. Visiting Maine, the state’s tourism website, has a recipe.

According to Wikipedia, the earlier settlers ate it and using wild Maine blueberries truly makes the dish. It IS the state dessert for Maine after all!

While I didn’t have wild Maine blueberries, I used Dynise Balcavage‘s recipe for blueberry pie with a slight modification in her filling: ginger. I once before baked Balcavage’s recipe when I was taste-testing for “Celebrate Vegan.” I wanted to put a summer twist on it, and everyone at the CSA agreed that it was delicious. They said they never thought to add ginger and it was a bit of spunk that fit well.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

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Photo by Jamieson McKay

Photo by Jamieson McKay

Three Things Thursday: Wedding edition

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Photo by Jamieson McKay

Photo by Jamieson McKay

No. 1 — On Sunday we said goodbye to one of our priests at St. Joesph’s, Fr. Dennis. Father was a hoot, always so personable and just a great evangelizer. He truly will be missed, by the hourlong wait we had to say goodbye! Yes, there was a line, and it was still long when we left. Father was going to marry us next year, and we worried that because he was running a hermitage, he would no longer fill that role. WE WERE WRONG! We can request to have him be our celebrant. This makes me a happy Catholic, because I want someone we have a connection to and that will be loving and inviting during our wedding, as many of our guests are of other religions or none at all. (Not that the other priests at St. Joseph’s aren’t great; they are amazing, too! We just have a relationship with Fr. Dennis.

No. 2 — Meeting 2 with another photographer, NOVA Studios. They were awesome, too, and do a lot of work for a great deal. Now on to one more photography studio and then the final decision!

No. 3 — Trying to find “our song” has been a pain. How can you find a song that you both like, has the right lyrics AND wasn’t a song between you and your ex? Plus, it needs to be a slow tempo, right? Well, not for us. Somehow Jamieson and I stumbled upon Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros a long time ago and fell in love with the group’s song “Home.” It is a little bluegrass, a little hippy, a little love. I love this song. He loves this song. It is our song.

Wordless Wednesday: Baking bonanza

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IMG_20130715_192816All photos by Bethany Fehlinger


Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine — ‘Monkey Ears’

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Family Photo of my baby sister and I.

Family Photo of my baby sister and I.

This week’s challenge is about humor writing. When I first read David Sedaris’ work, I realized a little bit of my calling. My family is super dysfunctional and whereas I am not a good fiction writer, I knew I could skew the facts enough to make something hilarious. Trying to write something our of thin air? I am no good at it. I just needed to take my family’s dysfunction and use it to my advantage.

So, this year, I tried my hands again on NaNoWriMo. I failed — again. But I got a few good stories out of it.

And below is one of them:

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Three Thing Thursday: On a Saturday!

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No. 1 — I forgot the sunscreen! It actually looks WORSE than this and definitely feels worse.  We decided to head out on a 40-mile bike ride on Independence Day, and once we got on the York County Rail Trail, I remembered that I forgot to put on sunscreen. That nagging feeling for an hour as we tried to get ready? Yup, it was that. Now I am paranoid about skin cancer, especially since I saw this video a while back.

No. 2 — I have decided to head out on a 100-mile bike ride. Yup, I am crazy. I am increasing my mileage per week by 10 miles until I reach 100. I am contemplating going from 80 to 100 and skipping 90 miles, but we will have to wait and see in the coming weeks. I am currently at 40 miles (see above.)

No. 3 — Fourth of July was pretty low-key. We went on the aforementioned bike ride, did a few errands, got some food and watched a few fireworks from our porch. (The Revs stadium is nearby.)

Batman (wait, Captain America?!) on a large, large bike. Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

Batman (wait, Captain America?!) on a large, large bike. Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

I mentioned to Jamieson that in years past, I would have a family barbecue, and we would swim all day and then set off mini-fireworks. He said the same. Now that we are on our own, but kid-less and house-less, it is pointless to do these things unless we are invited to one. So, we did what we wanted to do, on our day off together. And that sounds perfect to me (except the sunburn, of course.)

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

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Flickr photo by Andrew Feinberg

Flickr photo by Andrew Feinberg

Did you know that Facebook started on February 4, 2004? That was four months before I graduated high school and six months before I started my own collegiate journey.

I remember the early days of Facebook (obviously.) I don’t know how I heard about it, exactly. I think I was hesitant to join because at the time, I had MySpace and was comfortable with one social media platform. These were the days BEFORE social media was even a word used in everyday language. If you said “social media” to 18-year-old me, I would say, “social what?”

Anyway, I joined Facebook because it was only for college students and my new roommate had joined. I actually had to verify, with a college email address, that I was a college student. I believe it didn’t even include photos at first, as the first photos of me on there are from sophomore year of college (2005.)

When I got to Penn State, I LOVED Facebook. It was a world just for us. We could post boozy photos from the frat party, and the only people that saw it was our other alcohol-loving classmates  and similar-aged friends.

And then they opened the floodgates, and allowed everyone in.

I honestly think that was Zuckerberg’s first mistake.

Now, I like Facebook for only one thing: To stay connected with the people I care about, make career connections and find out more about businesses.

The fakery on Facebook is just a continuation of high school hijinx and petty relationships. OF COURSE all of my high school friends, who abandoned me right after I left my little hometown, want to add me on Facebook. And I dealt with that for a while.

One of my first photos on Facebook. Nov. 2005. Photo by Bethany Fehlinger.

One of my first photos on Facebook. Nov. 2005. Photo by Bethany Fehlinger.

Facebook has an instinct for bringing you down, self-esteem and well-being. Does the program showcase your nearest and dearest on the Wall, in addition to some encouraging people you decided to follow? HELL NO! They make sure you feel insecure, fat, out-of-touch, poor and a lazy ass.

Plus, the social media platform regularly changes its privacy settings aka yours, so you have to go and fix it every few months. This is always a good time for an old-fashion weeding of friends and likes.

Unfortunately, many people still use Facebook so it is a place to go when I need to find out more about a business or organization. It is a great place to keep up with events, as the calendar is handy and creating an event is easy. And the groups are cool, as I am connected with York County Vegans this way, and giving regular tips and starting conversations with these people is truly awesome.

With my fiance’s family living far away, it is awesome to share photos and life updates.

But this is where it gets tricky: If I make my posts public, anyone with computer knowledge can see that post. I have to tag the posts the correct way. However, if, say, my mother-in-law posts a photo, not even of me, but tags me in it because “she wants me to see it,” then everyone I know sees the photos — despite the fact that I am not even in it.

And in the latest, stupid move by Facebook: If I comment, like or do ANYTHING is any post, even if it wasn’t my post to begin with, that action is immediately pushed onto the walls of each and every one of my friends. Yup. So no question is safe, no like is hidden. Before, I was safe to ask about fat burners to body-building experts; now, some people with a grudge against me can see that post and then make a mockery of me elsewhere.

I now call Facebook an invasion of privacy, drastically changing from its humble beginnings.

June life in-review

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Stats for June 2013:

Miles ran: 9.5 miles

Miles biked: 71.55 miles

Yards swam: 0

Miles on the elliptical: (a few that I didn’t record)

Calories burned: 8831 (lots of Body Combat and bootcamp)

Number of workouts: 14 on dailymile; 14 on MyFitnessPal

Current book: “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls” by David Sedaris; and “World War Z” by Max Brooks

Current healthy snacks: Salad

Current song: Body combat music

Current splurge: Carbs of all kinds.

Current triumph: Kicking butt at Body Combat

Current goal: Figure out my body weight issue/if I am insulin resistant

2013 To Do List:


Complete an indoor triathlon — Tri to Help completed 2/23

Complete my first half marathon — Completed 4/28! (2:31:30 was my time)

Complete my first outdoor triathlon — Pass

Start lifting again — Boo.


Lose 33 pounds by Dec. 31 — Down 13; 20 to go

Less carbs, more protein (55/30/15) — Heck no.


Save 10K for the wedding — Completed!

Save 1K for emergencies — Next on my list

Get a grip on my spending — Fail

For more: January recap
May recap

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