Engagement photos of Batman and Wonder Woman

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I am sorry I have been behind. This post was supposed to be Three Things Thursday, but Tuesday’s post was supposed to be photos from our recent trip to Michigan. Well, I didn’t take any photos.

Also, I missed my wordless Wednesday chance, but this Thursday will be partially wordless anyhow.

Here are some of our engagement photos:











Phone hacking and the journalist

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Flickr photo by Jamiesrabbits

Flickr photo by Jamiesrabbits

I had briefly heard about the phone hacking debacle from a few tweets and what not. What most people don’t know about journalists is, we really do live by the motto “keep calm and carry on.”

So, the government hacked the Associated Press’ phones? That’s crappy! But now I have to go cover the council meeting/children’s play/downtown march and I don’t have time to sit here and spew hate against the government. I HAVE NEWS TO COVER!

And then two weeks go by, and we think, “What was that phone hacking thing again? The IRS is trying to defame our good name in Benghazi?”

Though, in all seriousness, this issue, on top of the other scandals bursting at the seams, is just another violation that needs to be addressed.

I stand by the First Amendment rights, even when I am upset and angry at the other point of view, even when that other point of view might be wrong or someone just trying to be popular/make money/be a troll. (Westboro Baptist Church, anyone?)

And what I care about, REALLY, REALLY care about, is freedom of the press. Maybe it is because I love my job so much, and maybe because yellow journalism is a thing of the past (right?), but we are civil servants who try to educate and inform the populace. Journalists don’t get paid very well (at least in newspapers), so we must REALLY love our job to stick with it for 20, 30, 40 or more years. (I have NO idea how long my boss Jim has been a journalist, but I could totally be his granddaughter.)

So, what the Department of Justice violated a law — a very old law that has been here since the beginning of our great nation, and the FIRST law, of all things!

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The Confident Woman — getting behind

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I apologize for being behind on this blog post series, but I accidentally broke my netbook (!) and it is hard to blog otherwise. Typing on my smartphone is a pain, especially when I try to juggle a book under my elbows.
I promise to try and catch up, though I might switch ahead to the time period I am in.
Look for more posts, more focused on food and my exercise plans, and maybe a little wedding talk!

New Year’s resolutions already a bust?

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Flickr photo by Jason Ralston

Flickr photo by Jason Ralston

I am the queen of too many to-dos, too many tasks, too many resolutions.

Here are some that I came up with BEFORE getting engaged: do an indoor triathlon in February; do a half-marathon in April; do the outdoor triathlon in June; lose 30 pounds; do a daily blog post from Joyce Meyer’s “The Confident Woman”; bring back 50 States, 50 Vegan Dishes; read 25 or more books; work part-time in addition to full-time; help Batman with his art endeavor; plan additional fitness goals; making a T-shirt quilt; MOVE again; RELAX more (yea, how with this list?)

Then I got engaged. I now have to plan a huge wedding production (bridal shower, bachlorette party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception and then the day after.) I also need to plan for a MARRIAGE. And this all has made me want to nest, so I am determined to become a domestic goddess.

Also, biking to work again starting when it gets nice.

Help …. please, help.

Ok, so let’s break it down:

Fitness: I am still doing the three races; still trying to lose 30 pounds (mini goals of 4 pounds a month). That is all I can muster for now, aside from going to the gym six days a week.

Blog: YES to the daily Joyce Meyer posts. I will start up 50 dishes, but it will only be about once a month, twice if I am lucky. I might do monthly recaps, too.

Hobbies, etc: Part-time work is a yes for now, but it will be from home and on weekends. I am going to dedicate some time in the morning or midday for this. The T-shirt quilt is a YES. I want that done. As far as Batman, because it is the winter, I am letting him go and do what he pleases as far as this is concerned. We can regroup sometime in April.

Wedding books will be included in my 25 books to read, as are books on CD (I am listening to Nicholas Sparks’ “The Wedding” right now.) And as far as the wedding? I am trying not to freak out. I am dedicating next weekend to working on it, with my sister. I need to not stress and realize we have a lot of time to do this.

So, my other goals take precedent. And I am OK with that.

Domestic goddess? Not so much, but I keep trying.

2012 was a year full of surprises; hello, 2013!

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Yup, this was quite an event for 2012.

Yup, this was quite an event for 2012.

Wow. I can’t believe it has been a full year already. 2012 went by so quickly, and many things have happened.

January – March: The weather wasn’t so frightful here, and the warmer winter helped my seasonal depression and running. I went out on the trail a lot. I didn’t get stuck at the bottom of the hill near our apartment. I also tried to give up technology on Sundays. That eventually failed.

April: I tried 50 States, 50 Vegan Dishes. It was my 26th birthday.

May: Three years with Batman. We went to Virginia. What a trip.

Summer: I trained and raced a 10-miler. I loved it, most of the time. I decided to run a half marathon next. I also switched jobs in my office, moving to days and finally having weekends and nights off for the first time in five years. Also, I had my first yard sale. My dad almost had a second heart attack.

Fall: The new schedule made working on the farm that much more difficult. Earlier in the summer, I decided to take a break from blogging, but came back for Vegan MoFo. That didn’t go as successfully as I would have hoped. Plus, I burnt apple butter. We moved into a new apartment, and realized it wasn’t the best decision we ever made; it was quite possibly the worst of the year.

Winter: I tried NaNoWriMo and realized that I can’t write on a timeline. I prefer reading on a timeline. My Pop wasn’t doing so well and he went into a nursing home. I got ENGAGED!

YES, Batman is marrying Wonder Woman. Watch out, world.

2012 was quite an eventful year, with a few changes. I am hoping 2013 will be even better, with a wedding to plan (not until 2014, so hold off, people), pounds to lose, races to race, books to read, posts to write and trips to take. Also, I hope to check things off my bucket list.

Happy 2013, everyone!

NaNoWriMo: Papagallo

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I know I shouldn’t reveal my work before the end of the month, but I think I should share at least ONE short story, right?

Please remember, this is NOT edited. That comes later.


You are my little papagallo, my grandfather says to me.
I about five years old, and he is taking me for breakfast at McDonald’s on this nice, Saturday morning. He knows how much I love French toast, and how I love to get every last morsel of maple syrup, with its high fructose sugar goodness on every bite of French toast stick I put in my mouth.
It had become our tradition: he would surprise me once or twice a month with breakfast at McDonald’s.
He would get a coffee and I would get a french toast breakfast with orange juice. We would sit in one of those plastic booths, with the weird, smooth seats and possibly dirty tables, as the workers have not cleaned it yet. Pop would usually clean it before I ate.
It was probably early; maybe 8 or 9 in the morning. He was always an early bird, and I never understood it. I enjoyed the warmth of my bed in my bright pink room. A room all to my own, as my brother had his own nursery. Yes, I am a big sister now. My little brother came into the world, but I was still a princess. And in this moment, Pop’s princess.
I am probably talking his ear off. This is my way. My mother tells me that I started talking early. She never had to talk baby-talk to me. I would talk to strangers at the store, right from the front seat of the shopping cart. People would ask her how old I was, and when she said two years old, they looked in shock. They supposed I was older, and they can’t believe my vocabulary.
Well, the vocabulary might not have improved, but I still won’t shut up.
Who knows what I am talking about. I even talk with a mouth full. My mother will yell at me about this for years to come. I get the hang of doing it not too often, unless it is in front of people I trust.
At 5 years old, I had no idea what the word “papagallo” meant. It takes me until my twenties to finally figure out that word.
See, my grandfather was a coal miner — an Italian coal miner. My great-grandfather had taken the boat over, leaving behind his eight siblings and parents to start a new life in America. He knew he would never see them again, but he made the choice anyway.
Nono has two sons and two daughters, one of which was my grandfather, Ermo. They spoke Italian, as my Nono didn’t really know English well.
Nona, my great-grandmother, spoke Italian often, though she knew English. She was born in Pennsylvania and was bilingual. The most Italian I hear her speak is when she is angry with my Pop. I ask her what she is saying, but she just laughs and pats my head.
But here I am, a blabbermouth.
About fifteen years from now, I will be over the ocean, discovering my roots. I am two years into learning Italian, and when I got the first chance in my introductory Italian class at college, I looked up that word, the nickname Pop gave me. By now, Nona is long gone, as is my Nana, Pop’s wife. All I have left is Pop to hold onto my roots.
So I took this trip. I see where Nono grew up, in that small, hilly town in Umbria. My cousins drive me past it as we go to Easter dinner with my extended family. These Italians are so nice; we are a bit removed on the family tree, but they treat me like a long-lost sister or something. I guess blood is really thicker than water. We talk and talk about everything on this trip: How my other cousin is a soccer star (they call it football over here); how I am enjoying my trip; how I will be going home soon; when will I be back? What is America like? What do you do on Easter in America?
I think of Pop; he is not much of a “papagallo.” He is sitting here, quietly sipping his coffee. Pop always made his intentions known, but when he is with me, he just watches me. It is like he is taking in my innocence. He knows me being 5 years old won’t last forever.

It has been a long time since Pop has called me “papagallo.” It has been a long time since we had our breakfasts, too. Life hurried along, and I had so many things to do. In that time, I never really saw how much Pop was changing. He always looked the same to me.
He was always my Pop, in his silence, his love for coffee and letting me be wrapped around his little finger.
He is sitting there in his wheelchair, in this unfamiliar room. The Philadelphia baseball game is on, his favorite. He can’t see it, and he barely can hear it. But it is still on; it is comforting.
What’s the score? he asks me.
Four to two, Pop. The Phillies are winning.
Good, good.
How are you doing? Do you like your job? Are you eating? When are you getting married? You are happy? Good, good.
I try to answer. He has a hard time hearing, a hard time understanding now.
Twenty-six years have gone by, and how could I supposed Pop would never change? That he would never get old, that I would have to take care of him now?
We sit in the quiet.
But then he says it.
Remember when I used to call you my papagallo? Hahaha, he laughs to himself.
He remembers. I might be afraid to talk to him now, afraid he is slipping, that this stupid Alzheimer’s is getting to him. But he does remember.
And then I start talking to him, his little chatty parrot. I might be repeating myself a few times so he can hear, but for a second, I am five again, chatting away.

Goodbye, farewell, for now

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I recently got a new job at the same company I work at now. It is more demands but a few more perks.

Also, in the past week, I have begun to weed out activities, groups and chores that I know I can’t give 100 percent to anymore, nor do I want to.

Unfortunately for my readers, that means this blog.

I never had a clear vision. I never lead an exciting life or made it seem like I did. (spinning isn’t one of my qualities.)

I never felt like what I said was important enough on here, as all my energy was spend in my work, which is writing, editing and giving things a voice.

With my new role, I have to be more creative and write more. All my ideas will be going here, at least for now.

So, with that, I will be placing my blog on hold. My entries will still be around and I might come back for an entry or two, especially in the winter. This might not be permanent; I might decide to dedicate myself to this again.

Thank you for reading.

Yard sale queen? Far from it.

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The ruthless picking. My sister is in the blue tied-dyed shirt to the left. Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

On Saturday I emerged out of less than 5 hours of sleep to set up my junk and try to push it onto other people in the hopes I would make a little bit of money.

Yes, I was a yard sale queen. But it was more like flea market queen and I didn’t like my first-time experience.

My mother, my sister, Batman and I finally got to the location late, because of course we “slept in.” By the time we got there, there were people ALREADY rummaging through stuff — piles and piles of stuff.

I learned a few things today, after I encountered many people: THEY ARE CHEAP! THEY ARE STINGY!

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The many ‘if onlys’ of my life

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Flickr photo by Stig Nygaard

Today I was reading the latest post from Mike at Minimalist Lifestyle. It was about enjoying the moment, which also lead to another one of his posts, a plan to become location independent.

These posts had me questioning the many “if onlys” of my life.

If only I didn’t have student loans.

If only I didn’t spend so much money on my college education or planned better.

If only I didn’t have something — BILLS! — that keep me from exploring life.

If only I didn’t have student loans. Those freaking students loans are ruining my life.

What would I do without my student loans?

Backpack through Europe, LIVE in Europe for awhile, freelance while I travel cross-country, being a hippie mom, who carries her kids around on her body and makes all their food.  Save every single penny I have, load all my crap at my parents’ house and EXPLORE.

A girl can dream, right?

But for now, I am embracing some things that gives me a sense of happiness despite being stuck to a 5-day-a-week job (that pays well, mind you.) I hike. I farm at my CSA. I make crafts. I lessen my load in life so I can enjoy the things I DO have, instead of accumulating more that I don’t need.

And this is how I feel about a lot of things: my future wedding, my future house, my future path. Lessen my load and enjoy what I have.

The crazy idea post, week 1

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stock.xchng photo by brokenarts

I get attached. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, a place, a thing or an idea. I have issues with attaching myself FEROCIOUSLY to it.

I noticed in the past two years I have had a crap ton of crazy ideas. (yes, crap ton.) Just ask Batman, I have been driving him CRAZY.

Now, it might not be as cool as shark repellent but I still have them. Some work, some don’t. I want to do a yard sale, live minimally, get a bike, use said bike more often than my car, get married, buy a house, start a business. This is all to name just a few, the very few I can remember.

I think I might make a weekly or monthly post of my crazy ideas. I guess it all depends on how they come to me.

This week’s edition: Buying a house.

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