The Confident Woman: Day 22

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The Confident Woman Devotional“Why are you cast down, O my inner self?”

That is part of the Bible verse this day in Psalm. Do we ever stop for a moment and really thing about it?

I know I beat up on myself on pretty much a daily basis. Today, for instance, I hated my body. I hated that I am struggling to lose these pounds. I was upset I got overworked the night before about the wedding.

But then I was equally stressing out about my future life, where I feel I really do need to be Wonder Woman sometimes. How are we going to afford this? I need to have kids by the time I am 30, or my eggs will dry up. I NEED to get married/”start” my life. I need to be fit, hungry (not literally), invincible.

All of these are TOTALLY unrealistic.

“Women need to experience a revival of knowing their infinite worth and value.” That is a GREAT quote by Joyce Meyer.

How do we experience this revival, let go of past feelings and feel great for once?

Through God. By God. With God.


Life without my phone: Slipping

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Photo by Flickr user justinbaeder

Oops. I love technology too much, apparently.

Two Sundays ago, I went to hang out with some awesome women from Lancaster to discuss “World and Town” by Gish Jen. I needed my GPS to get me there, because I “forgot” to get directions. I realized I rely on that tech gadget to get me anywhere, whereas before I read and memorized directions from MapQuest (is that much better?)

Then, last Sunday, I decided, “aw, fuck it” because I had to work Sunday and it meant breaking my day when I went in at 5 p.m. I am glad I broke it, though, as I got an emergency call from my Mom. The family is now OK and being troopers, but I probably wouldn’t have heard the news until late Sunday if I hadn’t turn my phone on at about 2 p.m.

Was that God’s grace? Probably, as my dad survive blockages near his heart without having a heart attack.

That doesn’t mean I am giving up tech-free Sundays. I get so much more accomplished on these days, with last week completing a 55-page book in one sitting. I listen to classical music, which I love.

Tech-free Sundays might make my Mondays THAT much more hectic, but I am learning from this — to NOT make Mondays hectic and full of chores, to spread out my responsibilities throughout the week while squeezing in my massive triathlon training each day.

I also make lists now, because these responsibilities slip through the cracks on a regular basis.

Life isn’t without slip-ups but it’s all about recognizing your failing, indulging when needed and starting fresh the next time. On Monday I was depressed and pulled down from everything going on. I tried to go to the gym but got very distracted. What did I do? Vegged on the couch. But Tuesday, I picked myself back up and went for a run. It wasn’t the greatest run but I got out there and did it, with will power and confidence.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.”

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