A little more pink in my life

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I grew up with a clean-freak mother (sorry, Mom!) We used to dust every week (one week light dust, next week heavy dust), laundry was super separated and unless it was underwear and towels, it hung outside on the line, and my dad did the dishes every night. I also had to make my bed every day.

And despite this “craziness,” she taught me the value of taking care of stuff I own. I might have rebelled and don’t dust or vacuum ever now unless guests come, but I try to take care of what I own and make it last.

Well, I am a poor 20-sometime (formerly poorer with less time on my hands), so some of this ultra sorting had to go. I mean, it cost $1.75 for one load of laundry and $.25 per seven minutes to dry! I now combine towels, underwear, socks and workout T-shirts of lighter colors. I separate my other piles into dark warm, dark cold, light cold and brights. My sheets, when I wash them, usually go in by themselves.

When she yelled at me for putting a dark towel in with my light towels, I told her I didn’t care that my yellow and aqua towel had a few tainted lines.

Well, now I wish I listened to my mother.

Because, for the first time, I pinked my clothes. (*I have photos but they are too dark, so I will take new ones soon!*)

Yes, the dreaded pink. It got a few of my T-shirts, one the worst, a bunch of the boy’s socks (just the insides) and a couple other random things. I bought a new beach towel and it was a first wash, which I totally forgot about. Lucky for me, some of the whites was in a second load that didn’t include the towel and the items that got the worst was what was right up against it.

My one tee even has a bright YELLOW stain near the armpit! (Yes, I sweat profusely but it was the yellow in the towel this time, I swear!)

Now, I’m not sure if this is going to come out but I learned my lesson: No more beach towels with the other stuff. Also, if I buy something new, don’t automatically mix it in to my normal separation, even if it’s a pain in the butt and the wallet.

Has anyone had a similar instance to mine? Did the stains come out, or did you have to trash your item?


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