June life in-review

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Stats for June 2013:

Miles ran: 9.5 miles

Miles biked: 71.55 miles

Yards swam: 0

Miles on the elliptical: (a few that I didn’t record)

Calories burned: 8831 (lots of Body Combat and bootcamp)

Number of workouts: 14 on dailymile; 14 on MyFitnessPal

Current book: “Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls” by David Sedaris; and “World War Z” by Max Brooks

Current healthy snacks: Salad

Current song: Body combat music

Current splurge: Carbs of all kinds.

Current triumph: Kicking butt at Body Combat

Current goal: Figure out my body weight issue/if I am insulin resistant

2013 To Do List:


Complete an indoor triathlon — Tri to Help completed 2/23

Complete my first half marathon — Completed 4/28! (2:31:30 was my time)

Complete my first outdoor triathlon — Pass

Start lifting again — Boo.


Lose 33 pounds by Dec. 31 — Down 13; 20 to go

Less carbs, more protein (55/30/15) — Heck no.


Save 10K for the wedding — Completed!

Save 1K for emergencies — Next on my list

Get a grip on my spending — Fail

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The woes of runner injuries (and more)

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My crazy, blood vessel burst eyeball is staring into your soul!

It is not unusual for my body to hate me so much. I have IBS and I get random pains from that in addition to the bloating, farting, and other poop pains.

How about a few minutes ago, I felt like I was just kicked in the kidneys? That happens quite often, with varying degrees of intensity.

I also seem to be getting major leg cramps and Charley horses, which is weird for me. Low potassium? I’ve tried that method. When I bend over to take off a shoe, I get a massive cramp in the back of my knee. I also love when I get cramps in my feet, but that is not as usual nowadays since I stopped my part-time job convincing people to buy new bath products.

But lately there have been some even weirder things happening (rare, I know.)

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Is a 5K in two weeks doable?

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So, here I am, talking about running again.

I feel like the most inexperienced runner, yet I have been trying to do this going on three years now. Yes, three years. With only one 5K under my belt, which was 7 months ago.

One word comes to mind: Lame.

And so I have been searching 5Ks in the area and seeing if any of them are doable. (If you don’t know me, I work a night shift Tuesday through Saturday, so 8:30 a.m. races are not considered fun for me, more like torture.)

As you might know, I missed out on a midnight race because of my neglect to keep an eye on my schedule and to keep to my running. But I have been trying to get back on track, only to be sidelined last week by intense allergies and almost sidelined this week by intense heat.

So far this week I have ran about 5 miles. I am trying to get outside as much as I can to beat my body into road-submission, but I did intervals on the treadmill today. I have yet to run 3 miles straight since November 2010.

So, there is this 5K in Baltimore on Sunday, June 26 (The Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K).  It is screaming my name. It’s an 8 a.m. start (ouch!) and I live an hour away. June 26 is about 2 weeks away, give or take a day.

I need tips on a variety of aspects: Do I do it and train hard for it? Do I skip? (I work until 1 a.m. Saturday/Sunday before.) Do I get a hotel instead? (which I can’t go to until after 1 a.m.)

Suggestions, people, suggestions!

Too soon of a run?

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I might be crazy in some sense, but I am addicted to running. Well, to clarify, I am addicted to reading running blogs, to researching running equipment and daydreaming about running. But actually running, that is not that often.

Now, I’ve ran before and actually trained for my first, and so far only, 5K.

I swear this is me right before a 5K, which I did complete.

Then the winter blues got to me and I have barely just emerged out of my dark weather depression. Sometimes it sucks, and yes I should probably seek professional help, but that’s a different topic for a different time.

Well, I stumbled upon a 5K in my local area (literally a 5 minute drive.) I saw it a few weeks ago, and it’s a midnight run called Midnight in May 5K. But as I figured, it was on a Friday and I usually work until 1 a.m. Fridays.

Well, while looking for 5Ks late last night/early morning (1:30 a.m.) I found the Midnight 5K website again, and guess who happened to switch days with a co-worker a few weeks ago (to help her out for vacation time) and now is free Friday? ME!

But the problem is, I haven’t been training. Heck, I don’t think I ran in more than a week! And the race is in TWO days! I only have time for running today & Friday (I farm Thursdays and will be too exhausted.)

A 5K at midnight is perfect for me, because unlike most people, I am awake at the time without caffeine and usually don’t need to get up with the sun the next day.

But I am afraid — that I will injure myself, that I will suck so bad (I haven’t ran a whole mile on real ground since the Thanksgiving 5K!)

Advice? I sure need it!

Yes, I am here!

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Well, I guess it’s a good thing I am here, even though late, rather than never. I am a BIT behind on Vegan MoFo, three days actually. I am sorry, vegan mofo-ers!! I forgot to take pictures of the seitan piccata with capers sauce from Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet book.  And then we ate it all because I ran some major intervals for my 5K training. Here is Alicia doing her thing. *I love you, girl!*

ANYWAYS, I have been pretty set on my 5K training. I might be lazy, but I work the night shift! I can’t help it that I go to bed at 4 a.m. and need my 8 hours! (That’s noon wake-up time.) I try to head to the gym and back before work, and driving to work is a 30+ minute ordeal in and of itself.

Hence the lack of cooking. and cleaning for that matter. But tomorrow is Thursday, meaning MY hump day, meaning I will get stuff done shortly! (I can only pray.)

I also have been on TasteSpotting and lurking on a number of other vegan foodie blogs, getting ideas for running fuel and yummy treats.

So, check back for some food fun!

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