Three Things Thursday, fourth week in May

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My garden! Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

My garden! Photo by Bethany Fehlinger

No. 1 — I planted my garden! Last year, one of our publications started the “Container Garden Chronicles.” Because I am on a new staff this year, I decided to participate. I have done container gardening before and have worked on Goldfinch CSA for two years (going on three!) so I hope I know what I am doing.

I have a tendency to kill plants, especially in containers. So that is why my tomatoes went into the ground instead. One of the bosses allowed us to plant in the ground on the side of the building. I also am going to plant beans and watermelon there. In the containers are lettuce and one pepper plant. Fingers crossed that I don’t kill them!

No. 2 — It is RAINING! Related to the planting, I have a hard time remembering to water my plants. It is a problem. My plants at home know how to survive without much water. Plus, it has been so hot and muggy outside the past few days, and very, very dry. This rain will break our heat wave and give my little plants a drink.

No. 3 — I can’t wait for Memorial Day weekend because I get to relax. Though, having a day off of work makes things stressful when I get back.

Flickr photo by Scott Robinson -- Clearly Ambiguous

Flickr photo by Scott Robinson — Clearly Ambiguous


Three Things Thursday

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Vegan cupcakes from Ladybug Baking Co.

Vegan cupcakes from Ladybug Baking Co.

Thing No. 1 — I’m back! Yes, I know, I am a horrible blogging person. I abandoned all of you.

You see, I blog. A lot. You might not notice it, but if you went to (specifically Twenty & Change, Book Buzz, No Sweat, York, and Smart Magazine), you would see my blogs up there weekly, for most of them. I do a Meatout Mondays post, a Comic Book Wednesday post and a green living post on Thursdays. I try to write about living life in my 20s, but I am quite boring.

Which led me to abandon Wonder Vegan, because I am just boring. Sorry.

But now I am back, and I am going to try and make this blog useful. Will you still follow me?

Thing No. 2 — The monthly vegan meetup was this week. We met Tuesday at Ladybug Baking Company and Cafe on Beaver Street in York. Jessica, the owner, was kind enough to open her shop outside of normal business hours so we could meet and enjoy vegan, yummy food here in York. A big THANK YOU to Jessica for hosting us!

Next month we hope to do a potluck again, but we will see. Details are being finalized.


Baby brother, baby sister and me

Thing No. 3 — My baby brother is graduating college on Saturday! I can’t believe he is 22 years old and stands a full 6 to 7 inches taller than me. And now, the baby bro is going to be a teacher! (At least if he can find a job soon. Boo, recession!)

The baby sister is finishing up her second year at college and looking for a summer job. It is the mad dash time of year, which is something I haven’t experienced in a few years.

I hope you will join me again and read my posts. I welcome suggestions!

Vegan MoFo 2012: I’m back

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I decided to come back for Vegan MoFo (Month of Food) 2012.

I usually write so much for work, at least three to four days a week, that ideas escape me. Moving into a new apartment? Put it on Smart magazine! Covering Baltimore Comic Con? Type up all the interviews and put it on Book Buzz! I also write weekly for Twenty & Change, do Comic Book Wednesday and then a Thursday morning green post.

I am blogged out!

Plus, I am terrible on figuring out how to make money off of this, and that would require me spending even more money to earn pennies. If I hit it big, SURE, I will spend the money. But in the meantime, Wonder_Vegan is just my alter ego and bitching central.


I might get a little pushy this year … nah! My food will convince them! Source:

I have a plan. I printed a calendar. I am pinning ideas like crazy. I figured I will pick things that are: No. 1 — in season; No. 2 — not to difficult and won’t consume my time.  I am still unpacking, still socializing like crazy and trying to get fit and sexy. (the third is JUST not happenin’.) Be prepared for PUMPKIN SUNDAYS! I am the most excited about this. I tried a gluten-free pumpkin chai bar at my CSA two weeks ago and it was HEAVEN.

So, I will see you next week. Expect five blog posts a week. (holy vegan cannoli — FIVE!)

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